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The mission of the Moscow Wrestling Club is to build character and resilience in kids through the sport of wrestling.

Belief System

  1. Always, ALWAYS, show Respect and Honor.  Honor your parents, coaches, teammates, and opponents.

  2. Be Thankful for what you have and where you are.  Grateful people are successful people.

  3. Think Positive in all you do while always looking to the future for how you can improve.

  4. Be Coachable!  This means listen to the instruction given by your coaches, parents, and peers.  All great athletes are coachable at all levels.

  5. Always Give Your All, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  A true warrior never gives up and is always planning on how to get better.

  6. Last but not least, is to Have Fun.  People that have fun in their sport or occupation tend to succeed at it.  In the end, they look back on their achievement with pride and satisfaction and say, "That was fun!"

Volunteer Based Club

We love our coaches and volunteers!  Without them, our club could not function.  We have many opportunities for volunteering beyond the coaching aspect.  


Our vision is to build not just champions in wrestling, but champions in life.  We would love for Moscow to be known for championship wrestlers.  We would be even more proud to see our wrestlers become successful, productive, happy citizens on their way to a great life.